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The spirit of Montmartre is alive if you know where to look . . .









             Montmartre, the hill of the artists. It is impossible to have a complete image of Paris without visiting our beloved village!

Join us and listen to stories only us locals know about the world's most famous cabarets where bourgeois were coming to party with painters, circus acrobats, charming dancers. 

Discover the hidden windmills, forgotten vineyards and romantic alleys, and the film locations of Amélie and La Vie en Rose. Visit small and delicious shops while walking to the top: cheese, charcuteries, home made pies… and the official best baguettes of Paris! And get ready to fall for the the neighborhood Picasso regretted his whole life and where some of the greatest artists of the last centuries lived like happy vagabonds.

OPTION "Breakfast" : Make the most of the Montmartre experience & enjoy a breakfast in one

of the most popular cafés on the hill (+ 10€ per person / 2hrs tour)


From 180€

Check our private tours page for more information

Paiement by cash on the day of the tour or viaPaypal.


Lenght: From 1:50 hrs

Meeting point: métro stop Blanche (line 2), at street level.

Reservation only : ​

Available in French, English or Spanish

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