About Us


We are passionate and professional Parisian guides who will show you what the others don't.  

The love of our city brought us together and we are eager to share it with you...specially the secret places we, Parisians, keep to ourselves!

So let's hit the road together and enjoy Paris behind the scene!



Delphine lives in Montmartre where she works as a tour guide and as a photographer. Always looking for new spots and inspiration, she loves wandering around the streets of Paris known only by a few, far from the crowd. Her origins from Brittany gives her a unique point of view on the city and no ones knows better than her the best places to eat crêpes in Paris ! 




Eglantine has 2 passions in life: arts and Paris. She grew up near the Opera house, lived in Montmartre when she was studying at Sorbonne, moved to the Latin quarter after spending a few years abroad, and is now back in Montmartre. And she made her husband swear that they will never leave it! She may be an academically trained historian but what she really likes about history is the little stories.



Flora is was born in Paris. When she was a child, her parents used to take her around the city on week-ends always discovering new places and she was fascinated. She probably started being a guide when her family visited from abroad. This feeling never left her and after doing her MA in history at Sorbonne, she decided to become a guide in 2010 to share her love for Paris with others. She is also a writter and screen-writer and lives near Montmartre.





Having lived many years between the Louvre and Palais Royal, Louis knows the secrets of the historical heart of Paris like no one else. As a musician, he is lucky to travel very often all around France which allows him to fulfil  his other passion: eating cheese! Which he loves to talk about, as well as every other aspect of French gastronomy.






Servane likes to insist that she was really born and raised in Paris, where she studied at the Sorbonne and at Fine Art School. She soon realized she was actually spending most of her time wandering in Paris for hours to discover forgotten gems... She has a passion for art, urban nature, and a real obsession for the real and very best french pastries! You might also find her in vintage bookstores, or just walking by pleasure...