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Le Marais













          Le Marais has everything that matters to us: discreet and majestic monuments, trendsetting shops, easy going cafés, quiet gardens and a multicultural and cosmopolitan vibe. Follow us to secret places that were once aristocratic and are now open to the ones who know which doors to push...former mansions and workshops, old fountains and wells, and even an Art Nouveau synagogue in the ancient Jewish neighborhood!

We'll give you the keys to understand Le Marais' lifestyle: cafés where the fashion industry meet, small restaurants and bakeries that Parisians visit from the other side of the city, young designers' who decides that the rest of the world will wear in two years, vintage clothes in our beloved "friperies"...

And so much more! Because le Marais is simply Paris' best neighborhood to wander around!

Le Marais, the world's most elegant and precious "swamp"


From 180€

Check our private tours page for more information

Paiement by cash on the day of the tour or viaPaypal.


Lenght: From 1:50 hrs

Meeting point: métro stop
Saint Paul (line 1), at street level.

Reservation only

Available in French, English or Spanish

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