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Latin Quarter

Are you looking for the ancient Paris dream? 

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                Join our tour of the Latin Quarter and let us tell you the stories of the ancient Paris. We will walk on Roman streets, enter delicate churches and spectacular medieval houses and show you their architectural treasures and miraculous legends. We will tell you about the past and the present of the oldest and most prestigious universities of Europe (Sorbonne!) and show you famous jazz clubs established in ancient prisons where young French revolutionaries used to plot (and still do!). As well as the famous stairs where Woody Allen filmed Midnight in Paris!

​We will show you some of the greatest bookstores where the Lost Generation writers found their voice.

The wonderful bars, restaurants, cafes and movie theaters located in the oldest and most charming streets of the city will make you go back in time.

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From 180€

Check our private tours page for more information

Paiement by cash on the day of the tour or viaPaypal.


Lenght: From 1:50 hrs

Meeting point: the plaza in front of Notre Dame.

Reservation only

Available in French, English or Spanish

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