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Ile de la Cité












               Join our romantic Ile de la Cité evening tour to learn about the birth of Paris, on the island where it all started.

Find out about the legendary and true stories of the foundation of the city thousand years ago: the old Celtic tribes, the Romans, the Barbarians and the first Christians. We will show you where to find the remains of the ancient times and tell you about what is buried under your feet while walking in the heart of Paris. We will tell you stories about the greatest kings who lived here before the Louvre was built, and the most terrible tragedies of France that happened right here (the execution of the Knight Templars and Marie-Antoinette’s imprisonment, among many others)

Discover the most romantic bridge and the best view of Paris.

And if you still haven’t fallen in love with the City of Light after this evening tour, we will eat our hat!

This is our most mysterious, romantic tour: an evening stroll along the riverbanks, when the City of Light is lit up

From 180€

Check our private tours page for more information

Paiement by cash on the day of the tour or via Paypal.


Lenght: From 1:50 hrs

Meeting point: on the plaza in front of Notre Dame

Reservation only

Available in French, English or Spanish

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